Embedded Spectrum Sensor Network Architecture and Transmission Medium Test Based on TCP/IP


  • Ya Zhang School of electronic and electrical engineering, Changzhou College of Information Technology
  • Fang Han College of mechanical and electrical engineering, Huainan Normal University




TCP/IP, network module function realization, wireless sensor network design


Electromagnetic spectrum monitoring that fully covers spectrum resources guarantees the orderly use of key technologies. However, existing monitoring equipment and methods cannot satisfy the increasing demand. A feasible solution for this problem is a wireless sensor network that is developed using a wireless self-organized network technology for a new type of distributed information system. For the wireless spectrum-monitoring network used by software, this study analyzes the operating system and hardware platform and then tests the physical transport layer under different transmission rates. Factors that may affect transmission performance are also investigated. A two-layer network model is eventually used based on the network to adapt to the requirements and the minimum transmission rate. The first layer uses cable, wideband code-division multiple access (CDMA), and time-division synchronous CDMA; the second layer network uses Wi-Fi/cable. This two-layer network model combines two heterogeneous networks, thereby enabling perception among nodes and gateway nodes. The management center can smooth the data transmission process. To perform several tasks simultaneously, we design our own two layers at the application layer protocol, namely, transmission protocol and data. The two-stage ad-hoc network process, the working principle, and the implementation method of each network application layer module are analyzed. The new spectrum sensor network structure exhibits low power consumption, low cost, as well as distributed and self-organization characteristics. It can guarantee the safety of data transmission with a good transmission rate.




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Zhang, Y., & Han, F. (2016). Embedded Spectrum Sensor Network Architecture and Transmission Medium Test Based on TCP/IP. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 12(05), pp. 38–42. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijoe.v12i05.5734