Proficient Car Parking System Based on Cluster Head Routing Protocol Utilizing IEEE 802.15.4


  • Razi Iqbal American University in the Emirates
  • Sharif Arif Lahore Leads University
  • H.H.R Sherazi



Cluster head routing protocol, wireless communication, power efficiency, ZigBee, multi-hop communication, automated parking system


The paper discusses a proposed model for car parking system based on cluster head routing protocol utilizing a low cost and power efficient communication technology, ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4). The model is designed in a way that car parking is divided into different clusters and each cluster has a head which acts a messenger for transmitting information to other heads and the coordinator of the network. Each cluster head is a ZigBee Host (Router) which collects the information of car presence in the parking slot. This information is then passed to the coordinator of the network which is used to display the information of available parking slots in a specific car parking area. Since there is only one coordinator in the network, so heads can transmit information to the coordinator using multi-hop communication if direct communication is not possible. Several simulations were performed to gauge the efficiency of the proposed model, and results show that the proposed model is reliable in communication and efficient in its operation.

Author Biographies

Razi Iqbal, American University in the Emirates

College of Computer Information Technology

Sharif Arif, Lahore Leads University

Department of Computer Science and IT




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Iqbal, R., Arif, S., & Sherazi, H. (2016). Proficient Car Parking System Based on Cluster Head Routing Protocol Utilizing IEEE 802.15.4. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 12(06), pp. 58–61.



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