Development of Remote Access and Control Features for Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Experimentations


  • Arun Kumar N. P. Honeywell Technology Solutions
  • Jagadeesh Chandra A.P Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology



Virtual Laboratories, Remote Access Methods


Remote instrumentation and collaborative learning methods have enhanced the experimental learning aspects of engineering education. Automation is changing the nature of these laboratories and remote access techniques are providing access to server machine from anywhere in the world through internet. This provides an opportunity to develop the remote instrumentation laboratories using which students can perform their lab experiments remotely all over the day and thereby increasing the productivity of the lab setups and measuring instruments. This paper presents the detailed architecture and the implementation details of remote DSP lab instrumentation. LabVIEW user interface is developed to control all the test instruments and their related hardware interfaces. Radmin tool is used as remote access tool to integrate multiple clients to server machine through wired/wireless internet access. Hardware interface is designed and developed to route data and control signals from data acquisition card to the respective hardware and to control the test instruments.

Author Biographies

Arun Kumar N. P., Honeywell Technology Solutions


Tech Lead

Jagadeesh Chandra A.P, Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology

Electronics&Communication Engineering Professor




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P., A. K. N., & A.P, J. C. (2016). Development of Remote Access and Control Features for Digital Signal Processing Laboratory Experimentations. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 12(08), pp. 51–55.