Remote Microelectronics Fabrication Laboratory MEFLab


  • Aaron Mohtar University of South Australia
  • Zorica Nedic University of South Australia
  • Jan Machotka University of South Australia



Over the last decade, there has been a move towards using remote laboratories in engineering education. The majority of these laboratories are static, involving limited user-controlled mechanical movements. The University of South Australia has developed such a laboratory, called NetLab that has been successfully utilized for teaching both on-campus and transnational programs in electrical and electronics engineering. Following this success, we are now developing a remote laboratory for microelectronic fabrication, MEFLab. The first stage of the development is a remote laboratory for visual inspection and testing of electronic circuits directly on the silicon wafer under a microscope which is normally conducted in a cleanroom. The major challenge of this project is the accurate positioning of micro-probes remotely over the internet. This paper presents the details of the setup of this new remote laboratory, with a particular emphasis on the development of the hardware, software and graphical user interface.




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Mohtar, A., Nedic, Z., & Machotka, J. (2008). Remote Microelectronics Fabrication Laboratory MEFLab. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 4(3), pp. 28–34.