Smart Sensor Network based Industrial Parameters Monitoring in IOT Environment using Virtual Instrumentation Server


  • Nagarjuna Telagam Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
  • Nehru Kandasamy
  • Menakadevi Nanjundan
  • Arulanandth TS



Sensors, my RIO, IOT, LabVIEW, VI Server, Excel Sheet.


A remote monitoring and control are one of the most important criteria for maximizing the production in any industry. With the development of modern industry the requirement for industrial monitoring system is getting higher. This project explains the real time scenario of monitoring temperature and humidity in industries. National Instruments my RIO is used and results are observed on Lab VIEW and VI Server. The server VI program and client VI program is developed in block diagram for the two sensor data. This proposed system develops a sensor interface device essential for sensor data acquisition of industrial Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in Internet of Things (IOT) environment. By detecting the values of sensors like temperature, humidity present in the industrial area. The results are displayed on the web page. The data can be accessed with admin name and password. After logging into the web page the index of files is displayed. After restarting the mine RIO kit and initiate the deploying process the nations will display log.csv file. By double clicking the file the excel sheet will appear on the computer. This VI server is tested for its working, using a data acquisition web application using a standard web browser. The critical situation can be avoided and preventive measures are successfully implemented.

Author Biography

Nagarjuna Telagam, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering

Nagarjuna Telagam is with the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad, India. He is a Research Scholar in Sathyabama University and is interested in the following topics: Wireless Communications, MIMO, OFDM, GFDM. Currently, He is working as Assistant Professor. He Received his B.Tech degree from JNTU University/ Narayana Engineering College. He received his master degree from Anna University/ Loyola Institute of Technology. He is Anna University rank holder(20) for M.E degree in 2013. He published papers in different Referred Journals (




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Telagam, N., Kandasamy, N., Nanjundan, M., & TS, A. (2017). Smart Sensor Network based Industrial Parameters Monitoring in IOT Environment using Virtual Instrumentation Server. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 13(11), pp. 111–119.



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