Virtual Laboratory Application Development for Mobile Terminal


  • Wenbin Zheng Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Jinlong Shi
  • Jiaqing Qiao
  • Tian Xu
  • Lei Feng
  • Ping Fu



Mobile terminal, Virtual laboratory APP (VL-APP), Digital design, Unity-3D


It is highly important to finish the experiments while learning the course of digital circuit design is to confirm the theoretical knowledge in the experiment, which makes the learning process an extremely good expansion. However, in the actual situation, digital design laboratories are often in short supply, which is mainly reflected in its spatial limitations, the limitations on the number of instruments and instrument stability limitations, especially in some poor and developing countries. This paper designed a mobile virtual laboratory application (VL-APP) for learning digital design to help students perform virtual experiments to conduct new thoughts anywhere and anytime, which also support anyone familiar with the instruments used in the digital area. It mainly aims at the simulation experiment of a specific experiment in the digital design experiment, and provides the model and script basis for the users to design the experiment independently. Selecting Unity3D and 3ds-max for the software platform, Android for the test installation environment, the APP testing results showed that it is good enough to be applied right now.




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Zheng, W., Shi, J., Qiao, J., Xu, T., Feng, L., & Fu, P. (2018). Virtual Laboratory Application Development for Mobile Terminal. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 14(02), pp. 76–89.