Ship Navigation System Based on Wireless Sensor

Baofeng Xie, Rong Ge, Qinyou Hu


To study the application of wireless sensor in the ship dynamic positioning system, the distributed fusion function model and structure model of wireless sensor network were set up.Using the DJC model-based SVM prediction algorithm, the quadratic optimal performance index in ship dynamic positioning MPC control was solved and the optimal control thrust was obtained.According to the classic cluster routing protocol, a data fusion structure based on residual energy and dormancy scheduling mechanism was proposed. The results showed that the proposed routing protocol based on the residual energy and sleep scheduling mechanism data fusion structure was superior to the Leach protocol. It improved the real-time performance of data transmission. Thus, the network data fusion structure achieves the goal of energy balance. The energy consumption is reduced to a certain extent and the design is reasonable.


wireless sensor, ship navigation, model, system

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International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE).ISSN: 2626-8493
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