Information Security Transmission Technology in Internet of Things Control System


  • Ying Zou
  • Jiezhuo Lv



Internet of Things, control system, information security


To solve the information security problem in Internet of things control system, the information security transmission technology was mainly discussed and studied, and the basic structure of networking control system was analyzed. From the main control equipment, communication equipment, control equipment, monitoring equipment, information storage device, connecting equipment and other aspects, the further research was carried out. Secondly, the structure of the Internet of things was studied, the security problems which may exist were discussed, and it was analyzed from the access security, transmission security and delays stability safety three aspects. Finally, the information security transmission technology based on the Internet of things control system was explored, and the encryption technology, authentication technology and isolation technology were analyzed in detail. The results showed that the networking control system not only had the advantages of transmission reliability, convenient interaction, and simple assembly, but also had the strengths of disperse structure, real-time data, remote monitoring and others. At last, it is summed up that the existing reliable communication resources are maximized in the transmission mechanism of the Internet of things. 




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Zou, Y., & Lv, J. (2018). Information Security Transmission Technology in Internet of Things Control System. International Journal of Online and Biomedical Engineering (iJOE), 14(06), pp. 177–190.