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Vol 8 (2012): Special Issue:'11 Conference Hey Fellows, We Shrunk the Server Abstract   PDF
Valentim Sousa, Paulo Ferreira, Manuel Gericota
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: REV2013 Highly configurable low cost remote laboratory with integrated support for learning - Software and learning support Abstract   PDF
Olaf Hallan Graven, Dag Andreas Hals Samuelsen
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: REV2013 Highly configurable low cost remote laboratory with integrated support for learning â?? Assessment of acquisition equipment Abstract   PDF
Dag A. H. Samuelsen, Olaf H. Graven
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: REV2013 Highly configurable low cost remote laboratory with integrated support for learning â?? Hardware design Abstract   PDF
Dag A. H. Samuelsen, Olaf H. Graven
Vol 8, No 4 (2012) Holistic Web-based Virtual Micro Controller Framework for Research and Education Abstract   PDF
Sven Seiler, Raivo Sell, Dennis Ptasik, Martin Boelter
Vol 12, No 04 (2016) Hosting and Sharing Your Own Remote Experiments with RALfie – an Open Ended Experiment Design Experience Abstract   PDF
Alexander Kist, Ananda Maiti, Andrew Maxwell, Lindy Orwin, Wu Ting, Peter Albion, Ryan Burtenshaw
Vol 12, No 04 (2016) How to Use Remote Labs for Enhancing E-Learning on PSoCs Abstract   PDF
Manuel Carlos Felgueiras, Jose Macedo, Andre Fidalgo, C. Petry, Gustavo Alves
Vol 12, No 04 (2016) Human Emotions and Physiological Signals: A Classroom Experiment Abstract   PDF
Bruno Patrão, Samuel Pedro, Paulo Menezes
Vol 13, No 12 (2017) Humanoid Robot Cooperative System by Machine Vision Abstract   PDF
Robinson Jiménez Moreno, Oscar Aviles, Ruben Darío Hernández Beleño
Vol 11, No 7 (2015): Special Issue MESI 2014 Hybrid Metaheuristics and their Implementations Abstract   PDF
Caichang Ding, Wenxiu Peng, Weiming Wang
Vol 12, No 09 (2016) Hybrid Models of Studied Objects Using Remote Laboratories for Teaching Design of Control Systems Abstract   PDF
Mykhailo Poliakov, Tetiana Larionova, Galyna Tabunshchyk, Anzhelika Parkhomenko, Karsten Henke
Vol 8, No 4 (2012) Hybrid Online Labs: Making Remote Laboratories Usable Under Unfavorable Bandwidth Conditions Abstract   PDF
Kayode Peter Ayodele, Lawrence O. Kehinde, Olusola A. Komolafe
Vol 13, No 05 (2017) Hybrid Sliding Mode Control Technology of Electric Vehicle Based on Wireless Sensor Abstract   PDF
Wenfang Zheng, Jincui Liu
Vol 4 (2008): SPECIAL ISSUE: REV2008 Hydraulic Plant Remote Laboratory Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Zilka, Pavol Bisták, Peter Kurcik
Vol 11, No 1 (2015) Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Recovery via Adaptive Window Matching Method Abstract   PDF
Yiliang Zeng, Jinhui Lan, Chuanzhao Han, Libo Jiang, Xuefei Shi
Vol 7, No 1 (2011) IAOE Newsletter Issue 6 Details   PDF
Michael E. Auer
Vol 5, No 1 (2009) ICL2009 - 12th International Conference on Interactive Computer aided Learning Details   PDF
Call for Papers
Vol 15, No 13 (2019) ICTs as a Distinct Detection Approach for Dyslexia Screening: A Contemporary View Abstract   PDF
Athanasios S. Drigas, Stratigoula Politi-Georgousi
Vol 1, No 1 (2005): Identification and Inversion of Magnetic Hysteresis for Sinusoidal Magnetization Abstract   PDF
Martin Kozek, Bernhard Gross
Vol 9, No 5 (2013) IEEE EDUCON2014 Conference Details   PDF
Call for Papers
Vol 5, No 3 (2009) IEEE Engineering Education 2010 â?? The Future of Global Learning in Engineering Education Abstract   PDF
Call for Papers
Vol 6, No 3 (2010) IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference - EDUCON2011 Details   PDF
Call for Papers
Vol 15, No 04 (2019) IFVM Bridge: A Model Driven IFML Execution Abstract   PDF
Sara Gotti, Samir Mbarki
Vol 10, No 1 (2014) IGIP/ICL2014 Conference Details   PDF
Call for Papers
Vol 10, No 2 (2014) IGIP/ICL2014 Conference Details   PDF
Call for Papers
Vol 3, No 2 (2007): IJEE Special Issue "Simulators for Engineering Education and for Professional Development" Details   PDF
Call for Papers
Vol 10, No 4 (2014) Image Fusion and Evaluation of Geological Disaster Based on Remote Sensing Abstract   PDF
Juan Wang, Huajun Wang, Yinghao Li, Hairui Chen
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: REV2012 Exhibition Immersive Learning Environment Using 3D Virtual Worlds and Integrated Remote Experimentation Abstract   PDF
Roderval Marcelino, Juarez Bento da Silva, Vilson Gruber, Simone Meister Bilessimo
Vol 15, No 09 (2019) Impact of Mobile Learning in the Cloud on Learning Competencies of Engineering Students Abstract   PDF
Ramananda K Mallya, Srinivasan B
Vol 13, No 06 (2017) Impact of Prompting Agents on Task Completion in the Virtual World Abstract   PDF
Tao Xie, Laiming Luo
Vol 15, No 10 (2019) Impacts of Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate Knowledge and Skills for Innovative Capstone Project Abstract   PDF
Hanifah Jambari, Nurul Amalin Razali, Nur Hazirah Seth@Noh, Nurul Aini Mohd Ahyan, Mohamad Rasidi Pairan, Jamilah Ahmad, Sharifah Osman
Vol 13, No 04 (2017) Implementation and Validation of a new Strategy of Online Practical Works of Power Electronics for Embedded Systems Abstract   PDF
Malaoui Abdessamad, Kherallah Monji, Ghomri Lila, Raoufi Mustapha, Guillaume Andrieu, Thomas Fredon, Denis Barataud
Vol 15, No 08 (2019) Implementation Basic Network Design with Netkit For Evaluation of Network Learning Abstract   PDF
Yuri Ariyanto, Budi Harijanto, Yan Watequlis S.
Vol 6, No 2 (2010) Implementation of a Remote Analog and Digital Communications Laboratory for e-Learning Abstract   PDF ()   PDF
Akram A Abu-aisheh, Tom Eppes, Abdullah Y Al-zoubi
Vol 5, No 4 (2009) Implementation of a Remote Session of Practical Work in Nuclear Physics on the Backscattering of ?-Particles Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Fahli, A. Aït Taleb, M. Moussetad
Vol 13, No 07 (2017) Implementation of Air-conditioning Control Technology Based on Wireless Sensor Abstract   PDF
Yecong He, Min Tan
Vol 14, No 05 (2018) Implementation of an Intelligent Library System Based on WSN and RFID Abstract   PDF
Yuping Gao
Vol 8, No 3 (2012) Implementation of Autotuning in Interacting Tanks to Emulate a Bioreactor Abstract   PDF
Charles Nippert, Sorelle Veigne, Steven Voelker, Charles Owens
Vol 7, No 2 (2011) Implementation of Dual Use Fiber Optic Communications Laboratories Abstract   PDF
Akram Ahmad Abu-aisheh, Sameer Khader, Omar Hasan
Vol 15, No 14 (2019) Implementation of Push Notification for Business Incubator Abstract   PDF
Diky Firdaus, Bagus Priambodo, Yuwan Jumaryadi
Vol 12, No 07 (2016) Implementation of Reusable Solutions for Remote Laboratory Development Abstract   PDF
Anzhelika Parkhomenko, Olga Gladkova, Alexandr Sokolyanskii, Vladislav Shepelenko, Yaroslav Zalyubovskiy
Vol 12, No 03 (2016) Implementing Cloud Based Virtual Computer Network Labs for Online Education: Experiences from a Phased Approach Abstract   PDF
Gokhan Gercek, Naveed Saleem, Douglas Steel
Vol 5, No 2 (2009) Implementing Six Sigma in a Distance Learning Application Abstract   PDF
Diala Tawfig Gammoh, Ahmad K. Elshennawy, Alfred Ducharme
Vol 15, No 04 (2019) Implementing Teachers’ Training Technologies at a Federal University: E-portfolio, Digital Laboratory, PROLog Module System Abstract   PDF
Olga Smolyaninova, Ekaterina Bezyzvestnykh
Vol 10, No 5 (2014) Importance of a Network of Online Labs in Magrebian Countries Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Naddami, Ahmed Fahli, Mourad Gourmaj, Andreas Pester, Ramona Oros
Vol 7, No 2 (2011) Importance of Practical Relevance and Design Modules in Electrical Circuits Education Abstract   PDF
Ruba Akram Amarin, Issa Batarseh, Kalpathy Sundaram, Arthur Weeks
Vol 7, No 2 (2011) Improved Cooperation between Schools and Science Labs by Adapting Experiments to the Curriculum Abstract   PDF
René Sallier, Katja Beckhäuser, Benjamin Brück, Andreas Schütze
Vol 10, No 4 (2014) Improved Quality and Reliability in Telecommunication Network Testing by means of a Remote Online Test System Abstract   PDF
Can Davutoglu, Numan M Durakbasa, Gokcen Bas, Erol Guclu
Vol 14, No 05 (2018) Improved Wireless Sensor Location Algorithm Based on Combined Particle Swarm-Quasi-Newton with Threshold N Abstract   PDF
Hongqiang Zhang, Chunhong Wang
Vol 16, No 10 (2020) Improvement of Bachelors' Professional Mathematical Competence in the Field of Modeling for Oil and Gas industry Abstract   PDF
Anatoly Kozlov, Olga Tamer, Svetlana Lapteva
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