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Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: MEAMS2012 Conference A New Smooth Support Vector Machine with 1-Norm Penalty Term Abstract   PDF
Jindong Shen, X.J. Peng
Vol 9, No 3 (2013) A Novel Algorithm of Fundamental Positive Sequence Voltage Detector under Unbalanced and Distorted Voltages Abstract   PDF
Wang Zhiqiang, Bian Jing, Wang Yawei, Li Guofeng
Vol 12, No 07 (2016) A Novel Design of Energy-saving Wireless Intelligent Agricultural Detecting System Abstract   PDF
Yiwang Wang, Houjun Tang, Shuki Fan, Hai Chen, Rui Wang
Vol 11, No 9 (2015): Wireless Sensor Network Applications in Engineering A Novel Directional Ad Hoc MAC Abstract   PDF
Weiquan Wang, Zhuxun Song, Xiaofei Mao
Vol 11, No 6 (2015) A Novel Fast Training Method for SVM and Its Application in Fault Diagnosis of Service Robot Abstract   PDF
Xianfeng Yuan, Mumin Song, Fengyu Zhou, Yugang Wang, Zhumin Chen
Vol 9, No 5 (2013) A Novel Power Saving Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract   PDF
Hairui Wang, Ya Li, Jianying Wang
Vol 14, No 10 (2018) A Novel Proximity-Based Range-Free Positioning Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Nodes Abstract   PDF
Huaimeng Gui
Vol 11, No 1 (2015) A Novel Real-time Video Transmission Approach for Remote Laboratory Development Abstract   PDF
Ning Wang, Xuemin Chen, Gangbing Song, Hamid Parsaei
Vol 11, No 4 (2015) A Novel Remote Monitoring and Control System Based on GSM for Home Security Abstract   PDF
Jinfeng Li, Shun Cao, Jia-xin Duan, Peng-cheng Gao, Yong Hou
Vol 12, No 01 (2016) A Novel Traffic Control Scheme for Multi-Layered Satellite Network Based on Chain Reaction Model Abstract   PDF
Ning Li, Pengfei Wang, Zhongliang Deng, Ke Han
Vol 9, No 2 (2013) A Novel Wireless 3D Localization Method Supported by WSN Abstract   PDF
Jianqi Liu, Qinruo Wang, Xiaohu Chen, Wanghua Huang
Vol 13, No 12 (2017) A Novel Wireless Sensor Network Architecture Based on Cloud Computing and Big Data Abstract   PDF
Changtong Song
Vol 13, No 03 (2017) A Novel Wireless Sensor Network Evolution Model Based on Energy-Efficiency Abstract   PDF
Hui Gao, Zhixian Yang
Vol 14, No 10 (2018) A Novel Wireless Sensor Node Positioning Algorithm Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm and Neural Network Abstract   PDF
Beichen Chen
Vol 12, No 01 (2016) A Novel WSNs Localization Algorithm Based on Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Xiaoying Yang, Wanli Zhang, Qixiang Song
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue "AIAIP2012" A Numerical Analytical Method of Parameter Optimization for Fast-starting of the Bionic Robot Fish Abstract   PDF
Chao Yang
Vol 9, No 6 (2013) A NURBS-Based Triangulation Method for 3D Ship Hull Simulation Abstract   PDF
Guoyou Shi, Shuang Liu, Peng Chen
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: MEAMS2012 Conference A Parameter Adaptive Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Real-Parameter Optimization Abstract   PDF
Jian feng Qiu, Ji wen Wang, Dan Yang, Juan Xie, Nan zhen Yao
Vol 2, No 4 (2006): Special Issue 20 years of LabVIEW A PC-based Flexible Solution for Virtual Instrumentation of a Multi-Purpose Test Bed Abstract   PDF
Martin Kozek, Bilik Christian, Benatzky Christian
Vol 14, No 11 (2018) A Petri Net-based Supply Chain System Abstract   PDF
Jiang-ping Liu, Ri-geng Wu
Vol 4, No 4 (2008): A physical implementation of the Turing machine accessed through Web Abstract   PDF
Marijo Maracic, Slobodan Ribaric
Vol 12, No 06 (2016) A Portable PID Control Learning Tool by means of a Mobile Robot Abstract   PDF
Kim Seng Chia, Xien Yin Yap
Vol 10, No 1 (2014) A Position Sensitive Clustering Algorithm for VANET Abstract   PDF
Haiqing Liu, Licai Yang, Yao Zhang, Lei Wu
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: MEAMS2012 Conference A Predictive Model of Insider Threat Based on Bayesian Network Abstract   PDF
Hui Wang, Yunfeng Wang, Guangcan Yang
Vol 9, No 5 (2013) A Prototype Navigation System for Guiding Blind People Indoors using NXT Mindstorms Abstract   PDF
Tareq Ali Alhmiedat, Anas Abutaleb, Gassan Samara
Vol 9, No 3 (2013) A QoS-satisfied Prediction Model for Cloud-service Composition Based on Hidden Markov Model Abstract   PDF
Qingtao Wu, Mingchuan Zhang, Ruijuan Zheng, Wangyang Wei
Vol 13, No 07 (2017) A Quality of Service Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks Abstract   PDF
Xiaoqing Yang
Vol 14, No 04 (2018) A Quantum Identity Authentication Protocol Based on Optical Transmission & Face Recognition Abstract   PDF
Dexin Zhu, Xiaohui Li, Xiaohong Li, Rongkai Wei, Jianan Wu, Lijun Song
Vol 14, No 02 (2018) A Quasi-Experimental Design to Evaluate the Use of PythonTutor on Programming Laboratory Session Abstract   PDF
Oscar Karnalim, Mewati Ayub
Vol 12, No 11 (2016) A Radio Frequency Identification Technology- Based Positioning and Interference Suppression System for Library Books Abstract   PDF
Xiaoguang Zhang, Yijie Zhao, Wei Zhao
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: MEAMS2012 A Real-Time Thermal Test Platform for Underwater Complex Structures and Heat Transfer Analysis Abstract   PDF
Kuang Ding, Hongwu Zhu, Xiangling Kong, Biao Hu
Vol 13, No 02 (2017) A Reconfigurable IoT Architecture with Energy Efficient Event-Based Data Traffic Reduction Scheme Abstract   PDF
Varun Tiwari, Avinash Keskar, NC Shivaprakash
Vol 14, No 06 (2018) A Reliability Optimization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network Abstract   PDF
Qiuming Zhang, Jing Luo
Vol 8 (2012): Special Issue:'11 Conference A Remote and Virtual Lab with Experiments for Secondary Education, Engineering and Lifelong Learning Courses Abstract   PDF
Alberto Cardoso, Miguel Vieira, Paulo Gil
Vol 8 (2012): Special Issue: REV2012 (2) A Remote Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Communications Lab Utilising the Emona DATEx Abstract   PDF
Cosmas Mwikirize
Vol 9 (2013): Special Issue: EDUCON2013 A Remote Engineering Lab based on Augmented Reality for Teaching Electronics Abstract   PDF
Salaheddin Odeh, Shatha Abu Shanab, Mahasen Anabtawi, Rami Hodrob
Vol 9, No 3 (2013) A Remote Engineering Lab for Collaborative Experimentation Abstract   PDF
Salaheddin Odeh, Eiman Ketaneh
Vol 4, No 3 (2008): A remote engineering solution for automating a roller hearth kiln Abstract   PDF   PDF ()
Juarez Bento Silva, Benedito Renê Fischer, Gustavo R. Alves, João Bosco da Mota Alves
Vol 7, No 1 (2011) A Remote Lab Experiments Improved Model Abstract   PDF
Chadi Fouad Riman, Ali El Hajj, Imad Mougharbel
Vol 12, No 04 (2016) A Remote Lab to Simulate the Physiological Process of Ingestion and Excretion of a Drug Abstract   PDF
Alberto Cardoso, Daniel Osório, Joaquim Leitão, Vitor Sousa, César Teixeira
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