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The Mission - Open Access

Online-Journals.org is a service provided by the non-profit International Association of Online Engineering. Its mission is to contribute to the advancement of science by providing an efficient and cost-effective way for making qualitative scientific results easily accessible to the largest possible audience.

Why publishing a journal on OnlineJournals.org

Administration, maintenance, server hosting provided

We will take care of server hosting, Internet connectivity, software maintenance & upgrades and security fixes. The software provides all necessary functionality for the editorial workflow (such as guest editor, reviewer accounts, metadata processing etc.). This allows you to focus solely on the scientific quality of your journal.

Metadata Indexing

We will take care of producing suitable metadata for your journal and all articles published and publish this metadata at importand metadata hubs (such as INSPEC, Citeseer, DBLP, Google Scholar, Bibsonomy). Once your journal was sucessfully published for at least a year, we will provide a ISSN.

Reasonably priced

Online-Journals.org is run by a non-profit association and aims at serving the scientific community at the lowest possible price. We will charge a nominal yearly journal hosting and servicing fee. The pricing is currently under development. Please contact support@Online-Journals.org for further information.
You (or your organization) can either pay this fee as a service to your community or you can charge authors a small publication fee for each published article in order to cover these costs.

Printing and shipping of printed versions of your journal

On request we will produce printed versions of your journal organize shiping & handling. Please contact support@Online-Journals.org for further information.

Copyediting, Proofreading & Layout support

Optionally we offer to support your authors regarding the copyediting, proofreading and layout of articles in the formats LaTeX, OpenOffice and Microsoft Word. These services are provided for a fee per article and page. Please contact support@Online-Journals.org for further information.

How to publish a journal on Online-Journals.org

  1. Submit a 3-page journal proposal. It should include the journal title, a statement about the aim and scope of the journal, short bios of the journal editors, prospective members of the editorial board, the envisioned number of issues per year.
  2. Members of the Online-Journals.org scientific board will review your proposal and decide about the acceptance.
  3. Depending on the decision of the scientific board you will receive an invoice regarding the hosting fee for the first year.
  4. After we received your payment our technical support will create your journal instance and send you the credentials for the journal manager and editor account.

The hosting fee will be guaranteed for the first three years, but might be adjusted for inflation or other factors thereafter.
If you decide to discontinue your journal we will still provide access to all published issues.

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