A Bibliometric Analysis of the Papers Published in the Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education from 2015-2019

Clare Baek, Tenzin Doleck


To analyze the current research status and trends of the artificial intelligence in education field, we applied bibliometric methods to examine the articles published in one of the representative journals of the field, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, from 2015 to 2019. We analyzed 135 articles retrieved from the Web of Science database and examined prolific countries, collaboration networks, prolific authors, keywords, and the citations the articles received. Through examining keywords, we found that the authors largely focused on students and learning. Through examining prolific authors and countries, we found active publication of corresponding authors from United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. We found international collaboration among some researchers and institutions, such as strong collaboration network between United States and Canada. We suggest reinforcement in building more widespread international partnership and expanding collaboration network by including diverse institutions. International collaboration and expanded institutional network can improve research by incorporating various perspectives and expertise.


Artificial Intelligence in Education; Bibliometrics; Information Science; Mapping Research; Research Evaluation; Research Trends

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