International Journal of Learning Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Education (iJAI)

This interdisciplinary journal aims to increase knowledge and understanding of ways in which learning analytics (LA) and artificial intelligence (AI) can support and enhance education. 

The journal covers all advances in learning analytics and artificial intelligence for education, including but not limited to the following topics: tools and methodologies for learning analytics and artificial intelligence for education, applications of learning analytics and artificial intelligence for education in real-world settings, and theoretical perspectives on learning analytics and artificial intelligence for education. Thus the journal aims to bridge the gap between pure academic research journals and more practical publications.


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Cover iJAI, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2019



Call for Papers: Special Issue on Positioning Artificial Intelligence in Education – Evidence and Reflections


This Special Issue aims at highlighting contemporary research that covers AI in education. We are looking forward to receive both theoretical and empirical papers that provide readers with a better understanding of the theoretical discussions that are currently taking place, the empirical studies that are conducted, and the AI applications and systems that are developed.

Please download the complete call in PDF format here:

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Vol 1, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents

Jalal Nouri
pp. 4-7


Jalal Nouri, Martin Ebner, Dirk Ifenthaler, Mohammed Saqr, Jonna Malmberg, Mohammad Khalil, Jesper Bruun, Olga Viberg, Miguel Ángel Conde González, Zacharoula Papamitsiou, Ulf Dalvad Berthelsen
pp. 8-27
Dirk Ifenthaler, Jane Yin-Kim Yau
pp. 28-42
Miguel Á. Conde, Ángel Hernández-García
pp. 43-57
Josef Wachtler, Martin Ebner
pp. 58-76
Jeton Arifi, Markus Ebner, Martin Ebner
pp. 77-88
Ulf Dalvad Berthelsen, Morten Tannert
pp. 89-101
Yu Yan, Simon Hooper, Shi Pu
pp. 102-115
Jalal Nouri, Ken Larsson, Mohammed Saqr
pp. 116-131