Improving Software Development Process using Data Traceability Management




trace, traceability management, traceability system, links traces, artefact, artefacts links, project, IT.


Today traceability is a buzz word and it used in several domains like healthcare, food industry and transportation sectors. In Information Technology, traceability plays a very important role and it can be defined in various ways, depending on the environment and process under consideration. In this paper we are presenting just an idea of a new approach to improve the software development process with the traceability management in order to implement and test the method to show the benefits of using it.

Author Biography

Othmane Rahmaoui, Hassan II University, ENSEM, RITM Lab ESTC, Casablanca, Morocco

Othmane Rahmaoui is a Ph.D. student at Hassan II University Casablanca, Morocco – RITM Lab. ESTC, Computer Science. His research interests include traceability Systems, Software development, Business intelligence, and Big Data Analytics.




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Rahmaoui, O., Souali, K., & Ouzzif, M. (2019). Improving Software Development Process using Data Traceability Management. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 7(1), pp. 52–58.



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