Modelling the OFDM-based PHY Layer in SoC for Visible Light Communication

Erwin Setiawan, Trio Adiono, Syifaul Fuada


In this paper, we report a System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture for OFDM-based Visible Light Communication (VLC). The OFDM block was implemented as VLC PHY layer. The OFDM block comprises of transmitter and receiver. In transmitter block, there are Reed-Solomon encoder, modulator, IFFT, and preamble generator. While in receiver block, there are Reed-Solomon decoder, demodulator, FFT, and synchronizer. In SoC, these blocks are designed as IP cores. The industry standard AXI4-Stream protocol was used for data exchange between IP cores. The OFDM model in SoC was verified by comparing with a MATLAB simulation.


AXI4-Stream, OFDM, PHY layer, SoC, Visible Light Communication

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