Getting Model of MVVM Pattern from UML Profile


  • Mouad EL Omari Mohammed First University
  • Mohammed Erramdani Mohammed First University
  • Abdelkader Rhouati Novelis



AngularJS, code template, models, single-page web application, UML profile.


The rejuvenation of applications to harmonize with technological watch is the major challenge for all computer boxes, frameworks and languages are constantly proliferating by offering a range of improvements in terms of security and performance, which pushes all applications to invest in order to align oneself, to orient oneself towards another perspective of application implementation has become a primacy. MVW is considered the new concept of application models where the developer can choose according to his needs, which component, for example, it can be a controller, a directive or a unit test for applications where we use the AngularJS framework, modeling an application is one of the basic steps to reach it , the emergence of new patterns press IT companies to think  to renew their application architecture for more security and performance, moving from an old to a new model meets this need. AngularJS is one of the widely used frameworks for modern single-page web application development which is designed to support dynamic views in the applications.

We propose an UML profile for AngularJS for building a model of an AngularJS web application, and a set of transformations that transform the model into a code template.




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EL Omari, M., Erramdani, M., & Rhouati, A. (2020). Getting Model of MVVM Pattern from UML Profile. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 8(1), pp. 36–47.