Information Support for Travel Agency Performance

Anna Tarasova, Anna Polukhina, Avdykerim Arnaberdiyev


Internet technologies create new platforms for the sale of goods and services, however, their emergence arise new issues of how to attract and retain users. Modern Internet users enjoy freedom of choice, they can easily find travel services, or skip them just by closing the browser tab. That is how Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems were introduced to build and manage efficiently good user relationships. This article discusses the main functions of CRM, according to the classification of The Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations (the University of California, Irvine, USA) and considers the potentials of CRM systems on the market for large and small companies.


The objective of the paper is to research information technologies that help to attract, retain and work with clients in travel agencies, as well as technologies that open up new platforms for the sale of tourism products, namely online sales. The article also investigates the impact the Internet technologies have on various industries, in particular on the tourism industry.


internet technologies, tourism service, custom relationship management, travel agency performance, online tour sales.

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