The 8x8 Layer Model Consciousness-Intelligence-Knowledge Pyramid, and the Platonic Perspectives

Athanasios Drigas, Lizeta Bakola


The concept of knowledge is an issue that concerns a swarm of scientists. In now days a battery of researches are trying to detect appropriate strategies to improve cognitive and metacognitive skills. Since ancient times many questions have been raised about what knowledge is (what we mean when we say that someone knows something or what we attribute to a person who we say knows something) and how we can gain knowledge. Moreover how knowledge and information in general is influenced by its transmission is also an important and widely debated problem, which takes different forms depending on the ways (philosophy) or media (technologies) and the era of transmission. In this article we will try to review the pyramid of knowledge in the process of the years getting started from the era of antiquity by affiliating its data with the musings of the Greek philosophers to prove that all the philosophical prepossessions and theories of the past are timelessness and undisputed.


pyramid of knowledge, philosophy, Greek philosophers, Plato

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