Tunnel Face Image Segmentation Optimization


  • Du Cheng College of Electric & Information Engineering, Southwest University for Nationalities of China, Chengdu
  • Leng Biao




With the development of Transportation Highway and railroad build, mining tunnel geological exploration in the road construction in the proportion of great. This paper presents a design of image processing software of Geological Engineering images for automatic analysis and processing. At present, the technology of image processing, most algorithms are based on the specific image information of specific analysis, and the face image is very complicated, different regions, and even the same construction sections in different areas of the face image may have very big difference. For the tunnel excavation face of digital image processing algorithms have little, need to start from scratch. This paper describes the use of digital image processing technology of Geological Engineering image image segmentation, found on the rock face, through the comparison of edge detection operator and Sobel Gauss - Laplasse operator methods advantages and disadvantages, a value of two images as the processing object image processing algorithm. The technology of Geological Engineering image analysis on tunnel construction period prediction plays a very important role

Author Biography

Leng Biao

School of Civil Engineering , Southwest Jjiaotong University of China, Chengdu




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Cheng, D., & Biao, L. (2014). Tunnel Face Image Segmentation Optimization. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 2(2), pp. 32–35. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijes.v1i2.2739