Smart Learning based on Moodle E-learning Platform and Digital Skills for University Students


  • Haider Th.Salim Alrikabi Wasit University/ College of Engineering
  • Nabaa Ali Jasim Wasit University
  • Ban Hassan Majeed Baghdad University
  • Abass Ahmed Zkear Department of Translation and Translation studies in Novosibirsk Military Institute of National Guard Troops, Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Ibtihal Razaq Niama ALRubeei Wasit University



Moodle, E-learning, Digital skills, Activities, Course development.


The education system is facing new challenges and requirements as a result of the rapid and complex changes in the world. It has become necessary to change and improve the current system for online learning to keep pace with these changes. E-learning is of increasing importance in higher education and learning communities as standard components in many courses. Especially with the great development in technology, which the Corona pandemic had a great impact on its acceleration and increase in dealing with it. So the COVID-19 affected the whole world also affected education, so education is no longer limited to a specific place and time but it is now possible at any time and place. So even education has changed from face-to-face education to distance education. In this paper, Moodle is used to design an open-source e-learning platform that supports both the student and the teacher by providing services that facilitate teaching, and educational-related administrative tasks and effectiveness. In addition, to know how it affects digital skills which considered one of the most important things related to the Internet recently. The findings obtained as a result of the research are given in detail in the results section.

Author Biography

Haider Th.Salim Alrikabi, Wasit University/ College of Engineering

Wasit university,College of Engineering,Electrical Engineering Department




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Alrikabi, H. T., Jasim, N. A., Majeed, B. H. ., Zkear, A. A. ., & ALRubeei, I. R. N. . (2022). Smart Learning based on Moodle E-learning Platform and Digital Skills for University Students. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 10(01), pp. 109–120.