Fast Extreme Learning Machine for Berber Handwritten Latin Script


  • Mokrane Kemiche Research Center for Amazigh Language and Culture, Bejaia, Algeria
  • Sadou Malika
  • Bousba Nassima



Character Recognition, Extreme Learning Machine, Machine learning, Amazigh script


This article deals with the problem of Berber handwritten character recognition using Extreme Learning Machine. This paradigm has gained significant attention in pattern recognition field thanks to its efficient learning speed and its high accuracy. In this paper, we have used a fast Extreme Learning Machine to recognize efficiently the Latin Berber characters. So, the proposed ELM has been trained over a Berber-MNIST dataset containing images of Amazigh alphabets. This algorithm learns much faster than traditional popular learning algorithms thanks to the use of JAX library which contains several functions to reduce the execution time of our solution.
The simulation results show that the handwritten recognition system based on our developed extreme learning machine decreases computational cost and reduces the time required for the whole recognition process. Furthermore, the developed ELM achieves a high performance in terms of recognition accuracy.




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Kemiche, M., Malika, S., & Nassima, B. (2022). Fast Extreme Learning Machine for Berber Handwritten Latin Script. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 10(02), pp. 43–52.



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