Lecturers’ Adoption of ICT Tools in Ghanaian Colleges of Education





Technology Acceptance Model, Teaching and Learning, College of Education, ICT integration, Perception.


This study investigated lecturers’ adoption of ICT tools in Ghanaian colleges of education. The participants of this study were 390 lecturers from 25 colleges of education in Ghana. Data was collected using a questionnaire and lesson observation, and the results were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively using descriptive statistics and thematic analysis.    The study revealed that more than two-thirds of the participants/respondents used personal computers, projectors, social media, and LMSs in their education. The lecturers asserted that they utilise ICT tools for research, for storing, retrieving, and sharing files and information in addition to utilising them to teach their courses. The respondents/participants recounted that they grow professionally as a result of using these ICT tools. Additionally, it was discovered that the respondents/participants employed ICT tools in their instruction due to its mobility, time-saving qualities, accessibility, and user-friendliness which aided in the planning and delivery of lessons which boosted the T&L process. It was therefore recommended, among other things, that the Ghanaian government keep the necessary pedagogical ICT tools accessible to lecturers, and that workshops and seminars be organised for all lecturers in Ghana's COEs on how to use some common pedagogical ICT tools that will enhance lecturers' teaching techniques to promote effective learning and fulfill 21st-century teaching skills.

Author Biographies

Emmanuel Kwasi Boateng, University of Pretoria

Emmanuel Kwasi Boateng was a doctoral student at the University of Pretoria.  Educational Technology and instructional design using technology are his research interests.

Ugorji I. Ogbonnaya, University of Pretoria

 Ugorji I. Ogbonnaya is a lecturer in mathematics education at University of Pretoria, South Africa. His research interest includes the use of technology in teaching and learning.

Marien Graham, University of Pretoria

Marien Graham is a lecturer at the Department of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at University of Pretoria, South Africa. Her research interests include Statistical Process / Quality Control (SPC/SQC), Nonparametric Statistics and Statistical Education.




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Boateng, E. K., Ogbonnaya, U. I., & Graham, M. (2022). Lecturers’ Adoption of ICT Tools in Ghanaian Colleges of Education. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 10(03), pp. 33–48. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijes.v10i03.35059