MIPS X-Ray: A MARS Simulator Plug-in for Teaching Computer Architecture

Marcio Roberto Dias Araujo, Flavio Luis Cardeal Padua, Fabricio Vivas Andrade, Fabio Lucio Correa-Junior


In this paper, we address the overall project and resulting development of a new plug-in called MIPS X-Ray, intended for the MARS simulation environment of the MIPS architecture, which is widely used in the processes of teaching and learning about computer architecture in various educational institutions throughout the world. Specifically, through the use of graphical animations, the proposed plug-in enables a better understanding of data flow models and the combined operation of functional units given the execution of certain instructions by the architecture processor. Thus, several computer architecture concepts, which are often complex and abstract, can be more easily presented to and assimilated by the students in this learning area. Through the use of a validation source code with the main functions of the MIPS instruction set, the tests performed with the proposed plug-in demonstrate the significant potential of this tool.

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