Tool to Aid the Teaching of Machine Design


  • Cláudio José Weber IFSC - Instituto Federal de Santa Catarina
  • Gilberto Francisco Martha de Souza USP - Universidade de São Paulo



For teaching machine design activities there is plenty of options of components, materials and process that can be used in a specific design. As this is a complex activity, currently computational tools to assist it have been developed. In this work some types of software are presented for this purpose. The paper main objective is to propose the development of a tool that is parametric, and that is not confined to the selection of a specific group of components, but is able to support the selection and analysis of most of components used in machine design activities and teaching. Moreover, it shows the selected components that are part of a project in a shaped structure tree so that it shows the interrelationships between them and the influence that one causes on the other. Someone can check the available and feasible components for each design, what are the reasons that led the choice and what influences the change of a component causes on the assembly to which it belongs.




How to Cite

Weber, C. J., & Souza, G. F. M. de. (2014). Tool to Aid the Teaching of Machine Design. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 2(1), pp. 32–39.



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