Implementation of an Adaptive Learning System that Include Correction of Learning Path Based on the Differentiated Pedagogy and the Bayesian Network

Yassine Zaoui Seghroucheni, M. AL Achhab, B. E. El mohajir


The aim of this paper is to use the Unified Modeling Language in order to design and implement an adaptive learning system that assigns learning objects according to the Fielder and Silverman learning styles (FSLSM), using the Bayesian networks. This system include also correcting the resultant learning path in the case of a failure in an evaluation, by calculating the similarities in behaviors between the struggling learner and the other succeeding learners, and then correct the corresponding learning path, either by recommending other versions of the same Learning object, which are designed previously according to the recommendations of the differentiated pedagogy, or by going back to his initial profile and correct the outcome of FSLSM according to what is observed as an adopted behavior within the system.

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