Performance Analysis of IEEE802.11ac DCF Enhancement for VHT with Frame Aggregation

Zineb Machrouh, Abdellah Najid


IEEE 802.11ac standard has brought several significant improvements compared to its predecessor IEEE 802.11n. It managed to break the Gigabits barrier with a combination of both refining older techniques and presenting new ones. The new enhancements such as channel bonding, beamforming, frames aggregation and finer modulation allow Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) the use of Very High Throughput (VHT). The physical layer (PHY) data rates are in the range of Gbps in the 5 GHz band. But the variety of releases and options available for this standard has left many ambiguities regarding its real capabilities. The Medium Access Control layer (MAC) throughput is influenced by several factors, causing the MAC efficiency to decrease. In this paper we present a performance analysis in the VHT with frame aggregation for different access mechanisms, different channels and different modulation schemes.

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