Sign Language Video Processing for Text Detection in Hindi Language


  • Rashmi B Hiremath D.Y patil school of engineering and technology
  • Ramesh M Kagalkar D.Y patil school of engineering and technology



Sign language is a way of expressing yourself with your body language, where every bit of ones expressions, goals, or sentiments are conveyed by physical practices, for example, outward appearances, body stance, motions, eye movements, touch and the utilization of space. Non-verbal communication exists in both creatures and people, yet this article concentrates on elucidations of human non-verbal or sign language interpretation into Hindi textual expression. The proposed method of implementation utilizes the image processing methods and synthetic intelligence strategies to get the goal of sign video recognition. To carry out the proposed task implementation it uses image processing methods such as frame analysing based tracking, edge detection, wavelet transform, erosion, dilation, blur elimination, noise elimination, on training videos. It also uses elliptical Fourier descriptors called SIFT for shape feature extraction and most important part analysis for feature set optimization and reduction. For result analysis, this paper uses different category videos such as sign of weeks, months, relations etc. Database of extracted outcomes are compared with the video fed to the system as a input of the signer by a trained unclear inference system.




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Hiremath, R. B., & Kagalkar, R. M. (2016). Sign Language Video Processing for Text Detection in Hindi Language. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 4(3), pp. 21–27.