Success: A 9 Layered-based Model of Giftedness

Athanasios Drigas, Maria Karyotaki, Charalabos Skianis


The current hierarchical structure of human cognition proposed is indicative of the multi - factorial and multi - layered construct of giftedness and intelligence. All individuals are intellectually endowed, but giftedness is perceived as an achievement in academic and practical intelligence as well as in the manipulation of wisdom-related skills and attitudes, taking into account nonintellective personal characteristics and contextual, sociocultural variables. Therefore, any attempt to measure intelligence should include multiple and diverse assessments comprising various psychological processes taking place in a specific time and place. Metacognitive processes are at the top of the hierarchy of cognition as their significance for one’s quality of life and social progress is immense and their existence signals for a successful person. Moreover, metacognition requires handling for a confluence of knowledge, feelings and skills in a balanced way; this is the point where individuals need to pay special attention in order to be both personally and socially successful as well as psychologically healthy.

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