Integration of User Profile in Search Process according to the Bayesian Approach


  • Farida Achemoukh
  • Rachid Ahmed-Ouamer



Information retrieval, Personalized Search, User modeling, User interest, User profile, Bayesian Network,


Most information retrieval system (IRS) rely on the so called system-centred approach,
behaves as a black box, which produces the same answer to the same query, independently on the
user’s specific information needs. Without considering the user, it is hard to know which sense
refers to in a query. To satisfy user needs, personalization is an appropriate solution to improve the
IRS usability. Modeling the user profile can be the first step towards personalization of information
search. The user profile refers to his/her interests built across his/her interactions with the retrieval
system. In this paper, we present a personalized information retrieval approach for building and
exploiting the user profile in search process, based on Bayesian network. The theoretical
framework provided by these networks allows better capturing the relationships between different
information. Experiments carried out on TREC-1 ad hoc and TREC 2011 Track collections show
that our approach achieves significant improvements over a personalized search approach described
in the state of the art and also to a baseline search information process that do not consider the user




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Achemoukh, F., & Ahmed-Ouamer, R. (2018). Integration of User Profile in Search Process according to the Bayesian Approach. International Journal of Recent Contributions from Engineering, Science & IT (iJES), 6(4), pp. 32–48.