User Experience Based Mobile Application Design for Boat Loaning at Marine Tourism in Indonesia




Marine Tourism, User Experience Design, Boat Loaning


Introduction: Boat loaning in marine tourism in Indonesia significantly impacts the continuity of tourism activities. It is because some nautical tourism destinations in Indonesia use ships as a means of transportation that cannot be separated from tourism activities. The problem is, there is a lack of information availability for examples event information, destination, and access for boat loaning. That makes it difficult for tourists to be able to enjoy marine tourism. Purpose: Therefore, the use of this study is to design a prototype of a mobile application that can help overcome the problem of limited information and access to marine tourism transportation, and be able to answer the needs of tourists regarding tourist information using the user experience as a design system. Method: The user experience method will be applied in application design testing, to obtain development aspects in the ship transportation ordering application, according to user needs. Result: The results of this study are the prototype design based on the user experience. The final result shows 87.5% response agree with this prototype design. Contribution: This study applies the method of boat loaning by utilising cooperation between agents and ship providers to provide Ease of access to information on marine tourism transportation to prospective tourists.




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Prakasa, F. B. P., Radja, M., & Suyoto, S. (2020). User Experience Based Mobile Application Design for Boat Loaning at Marine Tourism in Indonesia. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 14(04), pp. 86–102.