Using Modern Education Technique in Wasit University


  • Abdul Hadi Alaidi Lecturer
  • Omar Yahya Lecturer
  • Haider TH.Salim Alrikabi



Higher Education, Learning Management System, Information and Communication Technology, Canvas


This New learning educational methods, which depending on Learning Management System (LMS), have been used by universities in the top education universities in the world. However, most of the Iraqi universities use the traditional education methods in the classroom. The purpose of this study was to examine the benefit of using LMS in higher education.  This study shows how to implement and use modern educational techniques in Engineering College of Wasit University. This paper shows that using modern education tools in the class lead to increase the productivity of student, save time with less effort for instructors with high accuracy of exam results. In addition, using LMS system allows students to obtain more information in a short time. Moreover, this system gives students an opportunity to interact with the instructor and among themselves. The findings show the benefits of integrating LMS in higher education and recommend other institutions to implement it.

Author Biographies

Abdul Hadi Alaidi, Lecturer

Electrical Engineering Department

Omar Yahya, Lecturer

Computer Science

Haider TH.Salim Alrikabi

Electrical Engineering Department




How to Cite

Alaidi, A. H., Yahya, O., & Alrikabi, H. T. (2020). Using Modern Education Technique in Wasit University. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 14(06), pp. 82–94.