Mobile Application System Supported BUC Students Services and Learning


  • Ghaliya Muslem ALFarsi ALBuraimi University College
  • Jasiya Jabbar
  • Ragad M Tawafak
  • Sohail Iqbal
  • Abir Alsidiri
  • Maryam Alsinani
  • Hidayah bte Sulaiman



Smartphones, Mobile application, College Students, internet services.


Smartphones and applications are one of the most used things in learning and management systems. They make everyone connected with society, and those who feel sorry for it, especially college students are always looking for things that benefit them at a university. In this research, there is a need to apply a new application for student education service with an easy way of managing data and generate progression on reports feedback in his or her university life. We conducted a survey with the students of Al Buraimi University College and we reached a positive result that helps in the work. Smartphones have become pervasive and sales of all categories have many functions, in search (application of mobile-based devices in education design) to talk about applications in smart devices that serve education and take their information for management purpose and ease of use and follow them in any way.




How to Cite

ALFarsi, G. M., Jabbar, J., M Tawafak, R., Iqbal, S., Alsidiri, A., Alsinani, M., & bte Sulaiman, H. (2020). Mobile Application System Supported BUC Students Services and Learning. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 14(09), pp. 79–94.