Usability Study of Personalized Learning in Mobile Learning Environment


  • Moumita Majumder Mrs
  • Pramatha Nath Basu Prof



Mobile Learning, context specific, learner centric, ontology, web service, usability study.


In an effort to find out the best suitable application of mobile learning, several research works are undertaken till date. A review of related papers unveiled that mobile devices act better as a supporting media in teaching and learning scenario. The present worker has developed context specific learning modules i.e. personalized learning contents using an ontology based web service architecture and an experimantal exploration has been done with the target audience to justify the usability of such content in a real time environment. To ensure that the developed contents are acceptable and usable, usability aspects are carefully embedded during the analysis, design and development of the contents. In this paper, the steps to fulfill the usability aspects of the prepared contents are described, an architecture of the dissemination system has been designed and results of the study are presented.

Author Biographies

Moumita Majumder, Mrs

Department of Computer science and Engineering, Tripura University, Lecturer and Coordinator

Pramatha Nath Basu, Prof

Deptt of School of Education Technology, Jadavpur University,professor




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Majumder, M., & Basu, P. N. (2010). Usability Study of Personalized Learning in Mobile Learning Environment. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 4(3), pp. 25–29.