IoT: A Mobile Application and Multi-hop Communication in Wireless Sensor Network for Water Monitoring


  • Budi Rahmadya Andalas University
  • Zaini Zaini Andalas University
  • Mumuh Muharam Andalas University



Mobile application, Multi-hop communication, wireless sensor network (WSN), Mesh topology, and IoT (ESP 8266) module


In this research, we discuss the implementation of multi-hop communication in sending data regarding the temperature, humidity and the water quality of Maninjau Lake area by utilizing wireless sensor network (WSN) technology. Maninjau lake has seen a growth in fish farming in recent years, which has caused water pollution and high rates of fish mortality. The performance of the sensor node or the end device node in sending data to the coordinator needs to be maximized, so that the information is well received by the user. The result of the performance is not only related to the equipment’s used, but also to the network topology and the communication model. In this study, we use multi-hop data communication technique using Zigbee S2 wireless module standard IEEE 802.15.4 and a router node on a mesh topology network. Data is received in real time by the coordinator and can be monitored via a mobile device connected to the internet using IoT (ESP 8266) module. The result of the simulation shows that each end device sends the data of temperature, humidity and the PH of water of Maninjau Lake to the router nodes and forwards them to the coordinator. Information can be accessed by the user through a mobile phone application. There are many potential applications for this research in monitoring water quality, preventing pollution and reducing aquaculture mortality.




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Rahmadya, B., Zaini, Z., & Muharam, M. (2020). IoT: A Mobile Application and Multi-hop Communication in Wireless Sensor Network for Water Monitoring. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 14(11), pp. 288–296.



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