The Use of Social Media and Wikis in Teaching Writing Skills: A Review Article


  • Mustafa Haidari
  • Rahmatullah Katawazai Kandahar University
  • Sanitah Mohd Yusof UTM



Technology, Writing Skills, ESL/EFL Contexts


Abstract—The use of technology has reached its potential stage in teaching and learning. Particularly, ELT teachers and learners are mostly involved in utilizing social media platforms and Wikis in the process of teaching and learning in their classrooms. The current study aims to find out the impact of using social media and Wikis on the writing skills of learners in a number of studies covering the years 2010-2018. Thus, the Google Scholar database was used for finding out relevant literature within the purpose and limit of the current study using the search terms of ‘technology and learning’ in the search button. The methodology used for the present study is PRISMA diagram 2009, which is a systematic way of finding out relevant and available literature. In the final stage, 17 articles were selected for the analysis purposes, and the literature was then classified into different themes to find out the impacts. The results of all 17 articles show that using social media and Wikis played a significant role in improving the writing skills of learners. Thus, it is recommended for both teachers and learners to utilize different social media and Wiki platforms in the process of teaching and learning.

Author Biography

Rahmatullah Katawazai, Kandahar University

Department of English, Teaching Assistant




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Haidari, M., Katawazai, R., & Mohd Yusof, S. (2020). The Use of Social Media and Wikis in Teaching Writing Skills: A Review Article. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 14(16), pp. 168–179.