Medical English M-Learning: Positioning a New Paradigm in E-Education


  • Jafar Asgari Arani Faculty Member of University



M-learning, Students of medicine, Graduates of medicine, Medical English, E-Learning


ABSTRACT- This study uses Depth Interview as a research instrument to study users' perceptions and acceptance of the potential use of mobile phones in a prospective design for learning Medical English, a mandatory course in medicine. Almost all the respondents (93%) across graduates and students were unanimous about the need to learn English through M-Learning. When respondents were asked to suggest ideas on how medical English can be taught through mobiles (unaided question), 49% suggested SMS and 27% suggested SMS & Live Calls. The survey indicates that there is a unanimous demand to learn English amongst students and graduates of medicine in a new e-education setting called M-learning. Constraints imposed by oneâ??s occupation and available resources expose the limitations of traditional learning and opens up a huge opportunity for M-English learning. Irrespective of differences, potential learners accepted the credibility of M-learning and displayed willingness to be an active user of an M-learning module. Diversity of responses on potential frequency of usage for SMSs, preferences regarding listening to IVR, speaking to Live Callers, traditional classroom learning, M-learning and testing options will establish at a primary level that the means of â??engagementâ??, â??presenceâ?? and â??flexibilityâ?? can be significantly different â??betweenâ?? and â??withinâ?? different educational groups.




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Arani, J. A. (2012). Medical English M-Learning: Positioning a New Paradigm in E-Education. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 6(1), pp. 33–36.



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