Persuasive Mobile Device Sound Sensing in a Classroom Setting


  • Arttu Perttula Tampere University of Technology
  • Jari Multisilta University of Helsinki
  • Pauliina Tuomi Tampere University of Technology



classroom, mobile, learning, persuasion


This paper presents an idea on how to utilize mobile phones to support learning in the classroom. The paper also tries to initiate discussion on whether we can create new kinds of learning applications using mobile devices and whether this could be the way we should proceed in developing 21st century learning applications. In this study, a mobile phone is programmed to function as a collective sound sensor. To achieve an appropriate learning atmosphere, the designed system attempts to maintain the noise level at a comfortable tolerance level in the classroom. The main aim of the mobile application is to change student behaviour through persuasive visualizations. The prototype application was piloted during spring 2012 with a total of 72 students and two teachers. The results, based on observations and interviews, are promising and several subjects for future work arose during the pilot study.




How to Cite

Perttula, A., Multisilta, J., & Tuomi, P. (2013). Persuasive Mobile Device Sound Sensing in a Classroom Setting. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 7(1), pp. 16–24.