ODK-X: From A Classic Process To A Smart Data Collection Process


  • Iman Tikito Mohammed V University in Rabat
  • Nissrine Souissi Mines-Rabat School




Smart Collect, Mobile Data, ODK-X, Data collection, Edge computing


Data collection is one of the first and main phases of the data life cycle. It enables improvements to be made across all phases of the data lifecycle. In this sense, we have proposed a data collection process qualified as Smart. For our smart data collection process, we have adopted the principles of the smart data approach allowing less data to be transmitted to the analysis and storage processes, while maintaining better data quality. In addition, we also used Edge computing since it provides services with faster response and better quality, compared to cloud computing. To experiment this process on mobile data, we propose to extend a mobile data collection software solution and adopt one of the key data collection methods. In this paper, we tested our smart data collection process via the ODK-X software suite and were able to identify the added value of our process compared to the one used by default during collection.

Author Biographies

Iman Tikito, Mohammed V University in Rabat

EMI-SIWEB Team, Rabat Morocco

Nissrine Souissi, Mines-Rabat School

Systems Engineering and Digital Transformation Laboratory (LISTD)SSDT Team, Computer Science Department




How to Cite

Tikito, I., & Souissi, N. (2021). ODK-X: From A Classic Process To A Smart Data Collection Process. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 15(13), pp. 28–42. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijim.v15i13.22945