IoT-based Application of Information Security Triad




IoT Application, Security of IoT, Information Security, Security Triad


Information Security is the foremost concern for IoT (Internet of things) devices and applications. Since the advent of IoT, its applications and devices have experienced an exponential increase in numerous applications which are utilized. Nowadays we people are becoming smart because we started using smart devices like a smartwatch, smart TV, smart home appliances. These devices are part of the IoT devices. The IoT device differs widely in capacity storage, size, computational power, and supply of energy. With the rapid increase of IoT devices in different IoT fields, information security, and privacy are not addressed well. Most IoT devices having constraints in computational and operational capabilities are a threat to security and privacy, also prone to cyber-attacks. This study presents a CIA triad-based information security implementation for the four-layer architecture of the IoT devices. An overview of layer-wise threats to the IoT devices and finally suggest CIA triad-based security techniques for securing the IoT devices.




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Al Reshan, M. S. (2021). IoT-based Application of Information Security Triad. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 15(24), pp. 61–76.