Mobility through Location-based Services at University


  • Sergio Martin UNED
  • Elio Sancristobal UNED
  • Rosario Gil UNED
  • Manuel Castro UNED
  • Juan Peire UNED



Location-based services, Mobility, M-learning, RFID.


Location tracking systems are becoming more relevant in many new environments, due to the fact they the core of context aware applications. This new concept can improve the way universities provide services and a wide number of companies do business. Inside university area, users location (both students, teachers and staff) gives rise to a new kind of services based on their profile and on the area in which the user is in each moment, allowing a personalization of the offered contents. The present paper shows how location-based applications can be developed for mobile devices through a middleware that allows different location methods, such as Wi-Fi and RFID. Finally some location-based applications are given showing possible examples in different environments.




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Martin, S., Sancristobal, E., Gil, R., Castro, M., & Peire, J. (2008). Mobility through Location-based Services at University. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 2(3), pp. 34–40.



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