Prototype of Mobile Application Oriented to the Educational Help for Blind People in Peru


  • Jean Pierre Saldaña Bartra Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades
  • Jhony Felix Huayllani Puja
  • Margarita Giraldo Retuerto
  • Laberiano Andrade-Arenas "Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades"



balsamiq, blind, mobile application, prototype, Scrum methodology


The article focuses on the orientation of educational aids for blind people. The prototype was made with the Scrum methodology and the prototype design tool called Balsamiq was used. Its objective is to design Prototypes of mobile application oriented to educational aid for blind people in Peru so that they have a decent and adequate education. The prototype is represented by 4 sprints, the first of user validation, the second of user registration, the third of classes or courses and the last of videoconferencing. In the application, a validation of the existing or new user's data was performed, where the user accesses the courses, he/she takes, so that he/she can choose a class by voice message, choosing to have a videoconference with a teacher. The proposed result for blind people to have a proper education is to optimize the learning process, through a prototype application, for each user or student where they can adapt in their studies, in addition to having blind people to make appropriate decisions in education, in the same way enhance the skills that these people have in education with a prototype of help for blind people designed in a prototype mobile application in Peru.




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Saldaña Bartra, J. P., Huayllani Puja, J. F., Giraldo Retuerto, M. ., & Andrade-Arenas, L. . (2022). Prototype of Mobile Application Oriented to the Educational Help for Blind People in Peru. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 16(17), pp. 130–147.