Image Encryption Based on Multi-Level Keys on RC5 Algorithm


  • Abeer Salim Jamil Department of Computer Technology Engineering, Al-Mansour University College, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Abdul Monem S. Rahma Computer Science Department , Al-Maarif University College, Baghdad, , Iraq



RC5 Algorithm, 4- state operation, Modify RC5 algorithm, Encryption and decryption operation, Multi-Level Keys.


In recent years, the need to develop encryption algorithms has led to an increase in the working and efficiency of algorithms to protect the transmission and reception of information from any security breach. The RC5 type encryption algorithm is the most common and closest to perfection and symmetry algorithms, knowing that it faces many problems in which data collection was limited because it occurs only twice by working on its also, the algorithm is used for only 1 function (XOR) through the encryption process. A research report on digital image development by developing the RC5 algorithm makes that algorithm more secure by adding a new security level (using two keys) and thus increasing the key space. The encryption and decryption process can be done by substituting the XOR operation applied to Sixteen rounds of the algorithm with the new operation (#) based on the use of 2 keys, each of it consisting of 4 states (0,1,2,3) instead of using the traditional key that uses two states (0,1). This development of the RC5 algorithm increases the security and robustness of the hacking methods.




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Salim Jamil, A. . ., & Monem S. Rahma , A. . (2022). Image Encryption Based on Multi-Level Keys on RC5 Algorithm. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 16(17), pp. 101–115.