The Other Side of the Mobile World: Mobile Mobbing




Mobbing, Technology, Digitalization, Mobile mobbing, CYber bullying, Digital violence


The innovations brought by the digital age leave deep traces in the lives of individuals of all ages. With technological tools becoming an integral part of life, we are observing changes in the behaviors and reactions of individuals. Mobile technology pushes individuals to ease and drags them to loneliness in society. Individuals who withdraw into their shells are socializing on mobile platforms. The progress of science and technology from past to present has brought changes in society. Rapidly advancing technology shapes the lives of individuals in many areas. Digitalization has been efficient in the exposure of individuals to an insidious application of mobbing. In this context, the mobile world has come to the point that it threatens the living space of the individual with the content that is a design product it offers. In particular, the role of digital media in a way that interferes with every aspect of life has turned into digital despotism. In this study, which is considered a compilation, we used document analysis as a data collection tool. We obtained data by examining the documents related to the subject and handled it through descriptive analysis. In this context, while trying to examine the concept of "mobile mobbing", the other side of the digital world; we discussed digitalization, mobbing, digital violence, cyberbullying, digitalization, and its aspects on human life. As a result, we have reached a high relationship between mobile mobbing and its effect on individuals. Among these results, there are changes in their behaviors and habits, the digital world has turned into a covert mobbing tool, social media contents influence the attitudes of users through hidden messages, exerts pressure on their behavior by directing them, disturbing insults and threats, etc. are shared in communication styles, we have concluded that mobbing is experienced in a similar digital environment. In this context, we have listed suggestions and measures against mobile mobbing, with digital media users being more careful and conscious of techniques, respecting safe sharing with courtesy rules in their discourse and actions.




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Kazaz, N., Dilci, T., & Karadas, T. (2023). The Other Side of the Mobile World: Mobile Mobbing. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 17(01), pp. 153–167.