To a Geographical Orchestration of Mobile Learning Activities


  • Nassim Dennouni LIFL laboratory, Lille 1 university
  • Yvan Peter LIFL laboratory, Lille 1 university
  • Luigi Lancieri LIFL laboratory, Lille 1 university
  • Zohra Slama EEDIS laboratory,Djilali Liabes university



Web technologies, field trip, pervasive environment, mobile learning scenario, Collaborative process integration, geographic orchestration, Emerging technologies


We are in the transition to a new era where mobility extends to many aspects of our daily lives. Learning, for example, takes place throughout life and anywhere. One may wonder how the traditional orchestration of learning can be applied in a mobile context, for example, to better support students during field trips and museum visits. In this paper, we present a geographic orchestration of resources and activities associated to learning system. The objective is to consider collaboration in mobile learning scenario that depends heavily on the location of learners, their profiles and their activity logs. We also defined a software framework for the design and implementation of pedagogic scenarios of field trip. To validate our approach, we present the implementation of a mobile artifact dedicated to the support of new visitors in exploring the historic monuments of a city.




How to Cite

Dennouni, N., Peter, Y., Lancieri, L., & Slama, Z. (2014). To a Geographical Orchestration of Mobile Learning Activities. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 8(2), pp. 35–41.