7-Day Math: A Mobile Visual Novel Game for Mathematics Education





educational game, HMSAM, mobile app, visual novel


Mathematics has a lot of negative stigma in society caused by the delivery of less interactive learning materials that makes many people not interested in studying mathematics. Educational games can be an option to create an interactive learning media. This study aimed to develop a mobile visual novel game for mathematics subjects, especially definite integral in order to increase interest in learning mathematics. Visual novel is used as a media to emphasise interactivity by delivering a story inside a game. This research investigates the level of immersion and behavioural intention to use using Hedonic-Motivation System Adoption Model (HMSAM). Evaluation was conducted using questionnaires with 46 students as respondents. The results showed that the application was able to increase students’ interest in learning mathematics. This is indicated by the level of behavioural intention to use of 84.28% which states that students strongly agree that the game is able to increase the reusability of the application. In addition, the game obtained 82.09% for the immersion aspect, showing that students alsostrongly agree that the game is able to make the players get carried away.




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Florensia, J., & Suryadibrata, A. (2023). 7-Day Math: A Mobile Visual Novel Game for Mathematics Education. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 17(06), pp. 197–205. https://doi.org/10.3991/ijim.v17i06.36545



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