A Mobile Based Tigrigna Language Learning Tool

Hailay Kidu Teklehaimanot


Mobile learning refers to the use of mobile and handheld IT devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), mobile telephones, laptops and tablet PC technologies, in teaching and learning. It is a new form of learning, using mobile network and tools, expanding digital learning channel, gaining educational information, educational resources and educational services anytime, anywhere. Learning a language requires explicit learning of vocabulary and language rules. This can be supported by mobile learning. An initial survey of this project showed me most foreigners consider Tigrigna language as a barrier to be involved in different local activities of Tigray Tigrigna speakers and no one is developed Tigrigna language tool before.
To develop Mobile based Tigrigna Language Learning Tool.
This project develops a Mobile based Tigrigna Language Learning Tool to support Tigrigna Language speaking, listening and writing for foreigners in a Tigrigna’s environment. The main emphasis is to teach beginners, the basic alphabets, words and common conversation they might come across. To achieve this goal, the main effort of this project is based on three aspects: designing and delivering Tigrigna alphabets, words and conversation lessons, by integrating audio and picture for the words, alphabets and common conversations. By giving exercises for each the lessons and allowing the user to keep track of his/her profile.
The Tool contains three modules like Tutorial management module, Exercise Module and User Profile Module each of the modules are contained different components and functionalities it also includes a scenario-based fulfilling activities associated of learners and it encourages users to speak, listen and write in Tigrigna through the mission tasks of the project .This Tool may increase learners’ motivation to continue their Tigrigna learning. Besides, mobile devices provide the opportunity to learn Tigrigna outside the classroom and to interact directly with a genuine living environment.

This project is viewed by the institution of Tigrigina language and litrature Addiss Ababa University and they are interested on the tool. I deployed on the actual device it works exactly as expected and different beginner Tigrigna learners are using the tool.
I believe that Tigirigina mobile learning are personalization of learning environment, learning Experience outside the classroom, learning by recording, organizing over time, taking advantage of the benefits of an information, be more motivated, no more forced to use PC as the only Objects to have access to materials and knowledge.


Mobile Learning, Mobile language Learning, Mobile Learning Application

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