The Role of Podcasts in Studentsâ?? Learning


  • Laurel Evelyn Dyson University of Technology, Sydney



higher education, m-learning, podcast, ubiquitous learning


Podcasts have been employed extensively in some countries and are now being trialed at a number of universities in Australia. They allow ubiquitous learning whereby students can access a variety of educational material anywhere, anytime on iPods, MP3 players or even desktop computers. There remain many questions about the impact of podcasts on studentsâ?? learning. One issue is how podcasts can be used to support high quality, experiential learning rather than merely perpetuating the old transmission model of education. In this paper, we explore the reasons why students either use, or fail to use, podcasts provided for their education. We report on the motivation of students enrolled in a large first-year information systems subject. These varied considerably and show that podcasts are a useful adjunct for providing for the diverse range of learning styles of our students. However, we also conclude that further research is needed into the use of podcasts to promote deeper learning in our students and how podcasts can act as a support tool for other forms of m-learning.

Author Biography

Laurel Evelyn Dyson, University of Technology, Sydney

Lecturer Department of Information Systems Faculty of Information Technology




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Dyson, L. E. (2008). The Role of Podcasts in Studentsâ?? Learning. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 2(3), pp. 17–21.



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