Implementation of a Mobile Accessible Remote Lab


  • Michael E. Auer
  • Danilo Garbi Zutin CUAS Villach, Austria
  • A.Y. Al-Zoubi PSUT Amman



Mobile Laboratories, Analog ASIC, Data Acquisition, LabVIEW, Remote Engineering, Remote Laboratories, Tele-learning, Virtual Instruments


The purpose of the proposed research is to design and implement a LabVIEW-based remote lab client to run on a TCP/IP enabled PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) device, thus teaching using this wireless m-learning system will not be limited by time and location. In addition, resources and equipments can be integrated and shared to the extent that critically events can be monitored and handled in time. An environment will be created to train students to handle factory automation, data acquisition, data management, and manufacturing processes using mobile devices. Furthermore, the integration and sharing of lab equipments via the Internet is a kind of teaching environment which promotes learning interests and efficiency using mobile devices.

Author Biography

Michael E. Auer

Carinthia Tech Institute and International Assocation of Online Engineering, Austria Professor, President and CEO >> Editor-in-Chief <




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Auer, M. E., Garbi Zutin, D., & Al-Zoubi, A. (2008). Implementation of a Mobile Accessible Remote Lab. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 2(3), pp. 7–10.



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