Instructors Age and Gender Differences in the Acceptance of Mobile Learning


  • Ahmed Al-Hunaiyyan
  • Rana Alhajri
  • Salah Al-Sharhan



Mobile learning, e-learning, Higher education, Implementation Challenges, Human Computer Interaction, perceptions


Mobile learning is a new learning landscape that offers opportunity for collaborative, personal, informal, and students’ centered learning environment. In implementing any learning system such as mobile learning environment, it is important to understand challenges that affect its implementations in a particular culture. Additionally, learners’ and instructors’ expectations are deemed necessary for consideration. However, there is a lack of studies on this aspect, particularly in the context of Kuwait HE institutions. This research presents opportunities and prospects of m-learning, and discusses challenges and implications facing its implementation. The authors of this paper conducted a study in Kuwait HE to examine both students’ and instructors’ perceptions and attitudes toward this trend of learning, to evaluate its effectiveness, and to investigate cultural and social challenges that affect the implementation of m-learning in Kuwait HE. A questionnaire was administered to 499 students and 110 Instructors from different higher educational institutions in Kuwait. The results reveal that students and instructors have positive perceptions of m-learning, and believe that m-learning enhances the teaching and the learning process. The study reports some social and cultural issues that may act as barriers to m-learning implementation.




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Al-Hunaiyyan, A., Alhajri, R., & Al-Sharhan, S. (2017). Instructors Age and Gender Differences in the Acceptance of Mobile Learning. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 11(4), pp. 4–16.