Social Media: A New Way of Public and Political Communication in Digital Media




Social media, public communication, political communication


Today, social media are the new way of public and political communication in digital marketing. Companies or organizations are no longer the exclusive owners of the relation of consumers with their products/services; instead, the survival of the organizations depends of the effective utilization of the social media. New web technologies have made it easy for anyone to create and distribute their own content.  A tweet can be viewed by virtually millions of people for free, and advertisers don’t have to pay publishers huge sums of money to embed their messages. More consumers are on social media than ever before, and every second a company is not engaged is a wasted opportunity [1]. Consumers trust other people to provide recommendations about products and services in a very active way and it is important to know how and why social media influence organizations. This study analyzes through a literature review the importance of public and political communication through social media and proposes a model of business for successful marketing strategies.




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Coelho, P. M. F., Correia, P. P., & Medina, I. G. (2017). Social Media: A New Way of Public and Political Communication in Digital Media. International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM), 11(6), pp. 150–157.



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